Unite Community says stop Universal Credit


Despite knowing Universal Credit causes serious problems for claimants, the Tory government is pressing ahead and rolling it out to thousands of people who will have to wait weeks to receive any money.

Claimants are descending into debt, relying on food banks, getting into rent arrears and in many cases getting evicted from their homes because of in- built problems with Universal Credit.

Who gets Universal Credit

Universal Credit replaces five benefits – child tax credit, housing benefit, income support, income-based jobseeker’s allowance, income-related employment and support allowance and working tax credit.

Seven million households will be affected, including over one million low paid part-time workers. For the first time ever people in work could face being sanctioned (having their benefits stopped) if they don’t prove to the job centre that they’re searching for better paid work or more hours.

10 reasons why Universal Credit should be stopped

  • Unbearably long waits for claimants to receive money
  • People can only apply for Universal Credit online making it inaccessible for many
  • Not enough help for claimants when the system fails them
  • Rent paid directly to claimants instead of Landlords causing people to get into arrears and even to lose their homes
  • Letting agents are already refusing to rent to anyone claiming Universal Credit
  • Cruel sanctions for both in-work and out-of-work claimants
  • Payments only go to one named member of a household
  • Universal Credit takes 63p in every £1 people earn
  • Universal Credit leaves many working families much worse off than the old system
  • People in part-time work could be forced to give up work that suits their disability or family life in order to take up worse paid full-time work or risk sanctions.

Get help 

To find out what benefits you’re entitled to or for further help or information on Universal Credit visit Turn2us, a national charity that helps people gain access to welfare benefits and support services through their website or helpline

Tell us your story 

Have you been affected by Universal Credit? If you would like to speak to Unite about your experience of Universal Credit please contact Liane Groves#STOPUniversalCredit


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