Emergency Protest on Trident vote Leeds Monday 18th July

The Tory government have moved the Trident vote forward to this Monday, in the hope of exploiting the Labour Party’s division on the issue. Whatever MPs vote, Trident is illegal and immoral and we must resist it in every way we can.
Spending £205 billion of public money on new weapons of mass destruction while attacking the poor with austerity is intolerable. Let’s send the message loud and clear.   Please spread the word, invite your friends, let’s get as many people as we can in the short time we have.
For a world free of nuclear weapons.

Meet Monday 18th July 6pm, City Square, Leeds, LS1 2ES


It’s unlikely that you will be able to take part in the mass lobby of MPs tomorrow if you’ve not already arranged it, but a good handful of Yorkshire people will be taking the anti-Trident message direct to parliament.  However, there’s still time for you to contact your MP direct.  Perhaps try and visit their local office on Friday or over the weekend, or phone, email, write or even tweet them.
This is your last chance to make your views on Trident heard before MPs vote next week. Please do all you can to stand against the renewal of this immoral weapons system.  DON’T DELAY!
And please do forward any responses you get, or photos of you speaking to your MP etc etc to Yorkshire CND



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