The Tory Price Tag for our next generation


The Tories are making the wrong choices for our country.
The Queen’s Speech has highlighted yet again the Tories’ failure to deliver for the majority.
Hidden away in today’s plans was a time-bomb affecting a generation.
It means raising tuition fees for students once again.
It’s now reported that their Higher Education Bill will make it easier for universities to raise tuition fees above £9,000.

 Let me be clear: the Labour Party will fight this injustice with everything we have.
It’s the latest unjust act from David Cameron’s failed and unfair Tory Government.
Today we are launching a nationwide campaign to fight Tory plans to increase tuition fees.

We are a movement, and we need to build the strongest opposition to this tax on the next generation. 

Join me in sharing our message on social media and encourage as many students as possible to join our party.
Best wishes

P.S. Our message to students is you can be saddled with £50,000 of debt or you can join the Labour Party for £1 to help us fight tuition fees. Please share this link with friends and family who are students who may want to join our campaign:


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