STOP TRIDENT National Demonstration LONDON Saturday 27th February

Demo 4.png£5.00 unwaged £15.00 Low waged £25.00 Solidarity

​​Book on the Leeds Coach – Leaving from Yorkshire Playhouse, St Peters Street at 7.15AM Book on Bradford Coach –  Leaving The Bradford Hotel, Hall Ings at 7.15AM Book on Sheffield/Rotherham Coach – Leaving Meadowhall Interchange at 8.15AM Book on Calder/Colne Valleys Coach – Leaving Todmorden 6.30AM, Hebden 6.45AM, Halifax 7.15AM, Huddersfield 7.30AM Book on York/Doncaster Coach – Leaving York 6.15AM, Doncaster 7.45AM – York Against The War

All coaches will return the same day, with a pick-up at the Rally point. If you can help with organising coaches from Hull or elsewhere please do get in touch.

Facebook event (please share with everyone you know!)

Leeds contact:

​​Contact: 0127 4730 795

CND National Logo

Politicians are finally waking up to how unpopular nuclear weapons really are among voters, this huge progress is the result of years of work, but the decision on Trident replacement will be made in next few months and we now need a final push to ensure that we can make the difference a secure a no vote.

CND has called for a massive demonstration on the 27th of February to show the extent of public opposition to Trident. The demonstration is being supported by the Stop the War Coalition, Muslim Association of Britain and the People’s Assembly, with more organisations pledging support all the time.

We want to get as many people as possible down from Yorkshire, below you can buy coach tickets  from some of the major cities and we are looking for local co-ordinators to help with organising these. It is also important that we get everyone out from the smaller towns and villages across the region, so if you are thinking of driving down do let us know and we can help to fill your car and keep costs down for everyone. We have to ensure that we have done everything we possibly can by the vote, there can be no room for regret afterwards, we must make the most of the historic opportunity we have before us now.


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